Hacettepe University was founded on June 8, 1967, and the Faculty of Graduate Education was named after the Institute of Science on June 20, 1982. The founder and dean was Prof. Dr. Nusret Fişek then (8.7.1967-8.6.1971), and the following names followed, respectively: Prof. Dr. Aydın Aytaç (9.6.1971-18.9.1972), Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Kişnişçi (19.9.1972-30.6.1974), Prof. Dr. Cemil Şenvar (1.7.1974-6.7. 1978), Prof. Dr. Dinçer Ülkü (7.7.1978-6.7.1981), and Prof. Dr. Yalçın Sanalan (7.7.1981-31.8.1982). The directors of the Institute were as follows, respectively: Prof. Dr. Acar Işın (1.9.1982-31.8.1988), Prof. Dr. Dinçer Ülkü (1.9.1988-1.9.1991), Prof. Dr. Gültekin Günay (2.9.1991-1.9.1997), Prof. Dr. Seyfi Kulaksız (2.9.1997-28.9.2003), Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özdural (29.9.2003-14.1.2007), Prof. Dr. Erdem Yazgan (15.1.2007-25.1.2010), Prof. Dr. Adil Denİzlİ (26.1.2010-29.02.2012), Prof. Dr. Fatma Sevin Düz (1.3.2012-29.1.2016), Prof. Dr. Salih Bülent ALTEN (9.2.2016-15.1.2017) and Prof. Dr. Menemşe GÜMÜŞDERELİOĞLU has been the Director of the Institute of Science since January 17, 2017. 

In this way, a total of 26 departments now offer MSc and PhD programmes which are carried out by 249 professors, 106 associate professors, and 96 assistant professors under the Institute of Science.

Until today, we have a total of 6105 graduates with a total of 4583 in MSc and 1522 Ph.D Programs. Currently, we have 2430 students including 1607 Masters and 823 Ph.D.